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SharePoint is a collaboration tool, used world-wide because of its reliability, security and functionality. Many companies use it every day, but few have experienced the full power of the platform and what SharePoint really has to offer.

With some bespoke enhancements, workflows and web parts, SharePoint can be transformed to streamline your business processes, bring your data together and improve your business communications. SharePoint is extremely adaptable, and with our extensive experience, we can tailor the platform to better suit you and your business.


Use SharePoint To Its Full Potential

SharePoint is a great platform to store, organize, share, and access information, however, businesses may not be utilizing SharePoint to its full potential. SharePoint may be seen to be overwhelming at first, due to the vast amount of information available, making it difficult for individuals to effectively navigate and understand the platform. StyleTech alleviates this by working with you, making the software operate seamlessly within your business. Furthermore, as a result of our team implementing web parts, workflows, and integrating our clients’ existing business software into SharePoint, the platform works for your business. SharePoint is an investment for any business therefore it is essential to understand how to make the most out of the platform and StyleTech are on hand to help.


Extensive Experience

StyleTech have been developing SharePoint and Intranet systems since its introduction in 2001. The StyleTech team have the expertise to modify and improve the SharePoint platform, whether this involves a simple solution or a large bespoke implementation. SharePoint is a cloud-based system, therefore information is available to everyone you allow, whenever or wherever they may be. A key advantage of SharePoint is its adaptability. At StyleTech we recognize this and therefore work with you to tailor the platform to suit your business needs perfectly.


Extend Capabilities To Suit You

StyleTech has the ability to tailor SharePoint by integrating bespoke additions and web parts, in turn helping to make your processes more efficient. Our team can build in complex workflows, alongside advanced or complicated business logic and third-party integrations, to produce solutions that are tailored to your exact business requirements. We can combine data from several sources, including ERP, manufacturing, logistics and financial systems and then push data into third-party solutions such as Power BI, helping your business to report on the latest essential data.


Tailor-Made Solutions

Our software developers take the time to understand your business and its requirements and objectives in order to create an integrated and bespoke solution. Out of the box, SharePoint can feel vast, complex and hard to understand. StyleTech will remove these barriers from your business and provide you with systems that enable your teams to have important information at their fingers tips. As your business evolves and business rules change, StyleTech are always available to update your system to ensure it continues to support your business well into the future.


Collaboration And Flexibility

SharePoint is a collaborative platform, which allows individuals real-time access to data from any location. All document versions are stored and tracked, making it easy to revert to the previous version if required. A defining feature of SharePoint is the flexibility it provides, enabling selected members to either view, read or edit documents, allowing those who created the document to maintain full control of their data security. StyleTech is here to help your business utilize these features to their fullest potential.


Make Workflows Easier

Today, many businesses still use email for their internal and external workflows. Using emails for workflows means that requests can be easily lost within an inbox, and no-one can see an overall status of each workflow / task. Using email for workflows doesn’t provide any analytics on how long workflows are taking to complete or how many workflows are currently outstanding. Utilizing the SharePoint workflow system will help eliminate these concerns, whilst creating a history of workflow and task information in one central location. StyleTech develop apps that can integrate into your other business systems, helping to create a seamless user interface for your organization workflows. Moreover, SharePoint helps to make businesses more efficient as it provides a single source of truth within your business.

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