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Power BI is a business intelligence cloud-based service that helps to transform raw data into information that is easy for individuals to understand. The increasingly popular dashboard and reporting tool was developed by Microsoft, and many businesses have since adopted Power BI to enhance their understanding of complex information. A reason why Power BI is successful is its ability to consolidate data from a range of sources and store it in a single location, allowing information to be accessed by a single click of a button. Through creating reports, data can be clearly visualised and interpreted, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and identify trends.

Off-the-shelf, Power BI has great functionality, but to enhance its full potential, much can be done to customise the platform and make it suit individual businesses. StyleTech can develop bespoke visuals, reports, and add-ins to help tailor the platform to present your data in the most meaningful and coherent manner for your business.


Complete Visibility

Power BI empowers you to have a 360-degree real-time view of your data, with Key Performance Indicator Reports and custom dashboards. StyleTech can enhance Power BI to help visualise your data and find trends to ensure you make informed and effective business decisions. By having a centralised location, all data can be easily shared amongst your organisation, without valuable information getting lost in transmission. Your team will therefore have insight into how your business is performing, ensuring a common goal is worked towards. At StyleTech, we understand the importance of this and therefore work with you, offering support along the way, to ensure your data is effectively utilised.


Data That Suits You

Power BI connects to information that transforms into visuals such as charts and tables. Reports and dashboards can therefore be developed from this raw data, providing meaningful insight into key aspects of your organisation. Once our developers understand the goals of your business, they can develop dashboards and custom visuals specifically adapted to suit your organisation. This results in reports that are clear and specific, without information overload. The data can help generate proactive insights into how your business is performing, allowing you to make quick and confident business decisions. It is critical that the data model is correct to ensure you get the most out of the powerful Power BI visualisations.



At StyleTech, we can integrate Power BI with other business software to help you maximise your management information systems. We can develop custom add-ins, integrate software and databases into Power BI, or develop bespoke solutions that enable you to access the full potential of Power BI. This ease of use, coupled with alleviating the need for having to switch systems to access your data makes Power BI even more advantageous.


Make Use Of Our Expertise

We are proud of our achievement of becoming Microsoft Partners, reflecting on the successful bespoke solutions created by our fantastic software developers. Our award-winning team have been developing with Power BI since its release in 2015, and have accumulated comprehensive knowledge of the platform. We take the time to listen and understand your business needs and goals before proceeding to find a solution tailored to you. These bespoke Power BI solutions help to bridge the gap between data and decision making, ensuring business decisions can be made with confidence. Over the years, StyleTech has worked with a range of clients using Power BI to help enhance their business success. The StyleTech team feel confident in finding a bespoke solution for you.


Mobility And Flexibility

The simplicity of Power BI allows you to access your data from anywhere, at any time. Whether you are in the office or on the road, we make sure your data is accessible securely through Power BI. Empower your team to make informed decisions wherever they are, securely, and with all the information they need at their fingertips.

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