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The Project Brief

Our client, established in 2014, is an independent body set up to promote responsible gambling standards and ensure that the marketing of gambling is socially responsible. The Senet Group use effective, high-impact social media, TV, print and digital campaigns to promote self-regulation and prevent problem gambling. Their members include big names in the gambling industry such as, William Hill, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power, who promote The Senet Group’s campaigns in their shops and on their machines.

Working with the Association of British Bookmakers William Hill, a member of The Senet Group, created software which allowed people with gambling problems to exclude themselves from the betting shops of their choice. This ability to exclude from more than one shop, and more than one licensed operator, was an additional requirement put on operators as a condition of their license from the Gambling Commission. The system uses mapping technology to capture the betting shops each person wants on their exclusion and then manages the notification of the operators involved on a case by case basis.

This software worked extremely well and in 2016 was passed over to The Senet Group as an independent entity better placed to develop and operate the system with the 200 plus operators active in the UK. The Senet Group did not have the in-house capabilities to support such software so came to StyleTech for a solution.

Our Solution

StyleTech took over the management of the software and, as it was tailored to suit William Hill, expanded it to suit the group in its entirety.

A series of enhancements were established to make the software suit its changed purpose and to make it more ergonomic for those who needed to use it. As there was a new group of people operating the software, it was made to suit them.

StyleTech provide support for the software, we are always available if there are any issues, The Senet Group have the reassurance that if anything goes wrong we are at the end of the phone and can get it fixed. Should they require it, we are also available to perform any updates or enhancements they may need in the future.

The Results

The Senet Group have the peace of mind that their software is always supported by us. We can provide any custom changes they need, manage the software and also lend our expertise to help them make informed decisions on where they could take it in the future. Additionally, we ensure that all the data stored is protected and complies to The Senet Group’s data protection specifications, being kept safely and for no longer than it needs to be.

The software is also a benefit to the whole industry, as an easy and safe way for people to self-regulate their gambling and get support when they need it.

Legacy System
Senet Group did not have in-house skills to support their inherited software.
Secure database to store customers private information.
Desktop app operating in a Citrix environment.
Bespoke Software Development
Expanded the software to meet all the operators needs and ensure it is easy to use.
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