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Social Responsibility Community Volunteer Reward System

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The Project Brief

Our client, Citizen Coin, are the world’s first community loyalty point system whereby people can earn Citizen Coins by getting involved in great things to help their community. They came to StyleTech looking to form a long-term partnership to help design and build their product idea.

Their previous system was a minimal viable product and needed additional development from their initial launch. They were unable to track easily where coins were being earnt and spent and had limited evidence to whether the coins were helping local communities.

Therefore, Citizen Coin was looking for a high-quality product where the wallet holder experience was intuitive, and Citizen Coin could track the journey of each coin.

Our Solution

We collaboratively designed and built the citizen coin ecosystem by developing, a web and mobile application that allows projects to create activities, retailers to create offers and wallet holders to receive coins, spend coins and transfer coins to other wallet holders. Every coin journey is tracked anonymously, which allows funding organisations to identify the financial benefit of each coin. All coins are interoperable within the citizen coin ecosystem and can be used at any registered retailer. 

We optimised the model using our 21 years of experience with cutting-edge technology to make sure the system is as fast and efficient as possible. The citizen coin ecosystem is CREST certified, meaning it has been tested by a CREST approved, third-party security company to ensure the system and its data is secure.

We held weekly meetings with Citizen Coin, to ensure that we meet our goals, and expectations and the direction of work is exactly what Citizen Coin is looking for. We were able to work together and advise our client on the different solutions and methodologies available, helping them make informed decisions without the use of jargon. Our long-term partnership also meant we were able to support them in their presentations to their customers.

The Results

Citizen Coin now has an ecosystem that allows coins to be earnt, transferred and spent around the world by wallet holders. They now have evidence of where each coin has been earnt and spent, which provides analysis on which projects have been successful in helping to stimulate local shops and communities.

Mobile App
Mobile App
Allows wallet holders the freedom to use the ecosystem wherever they are and whenever it is most convenient.
Handle the many simultaneous coin transactions, while also allowing the scope to grow as the ecosystem grows.
Data security within the ecosystem is confirmed by a Crest approved security company.
Coins within the ecosystem are interoperable regardless of the issuing organisation.
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