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The Project Brief

Our client approached StyleTech looking for a solution to improve an existing internal Excel-based system.

Our client was looking for a solution to turn their existing Excel workbook into an online internal SharePoint 365 app, where everyone could look, access and manage all information in a more convenient form. This would help to enhance their productivity and remove any inefficiencies. 

Our Solution

We ensured our client got the most out of their data by creating a powerful SharePoint 365 app that their whole team could use.

The app ensures correct and up to date data, as it is used as one central point rather than having the potential of duplicated Excel documents saved locally. The app helps our client by ensuring its consumer products meet all the regulatory requirements of legislation around the world to identify restricted chemicals or substances used in their consumer products. If a countries legislation restricts a chemical or substance that is used within a consumer product, our client can then create and manage a short-term concession, while an alternative chemical or substance is found.

As we were using sensitive information, including product ingredients, we ensured that the data handled was secure, private, backed up and transferred safely.

We are always available when needed and are always here to help support and maintain our client’s system to ensure that the direction and quality of work is exactly what our client is looking for. We communicate in a way which helps make informed business decisions without the use of jargon to stop any confusion throughout the process and form great long-term relationships. 

The Results

Our client can now use their new, fast and enhanced internal SharePoint 365 app productively and confidently. Everyone in the business can view, access and manage the information whenever and wherever is the most convenient. All their data is now stored in one central place and not in several Excel workbooks around the world. The online internal SharePoint 365 app now gives our client the ability to search specific ingredients and a country’s specific restrictions, speeding up their processes, giving them time to focus on their day to day business activities.

The new SharePoint 365 app provides our client with several competitive advantages such as improved communication as the app notifies everyone involved when there are changes in restrictions and ingredients. This feature means they can react faster to market trends and changes, accessing global risk quickly. 

SharePoint Apps
SharePoint Apps
SharePoint is used as a fully responsive data entry platform and a central data repository. In addition, SharePoint also controls the different approval workflows.
SharePoint 365 is used as a secure, central data repository for all of the data required within the system.
As changes in global regulatory requirements are announced, the SharePoint 365 app automatically notifies the required stakeholders instantly.
Bespoke Software Development
Bespoke Software Development
The system replaced the many uncontrolled Excel workbooks throughout the world with a centralised, single source of data.
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