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Legacy Elite Performance

The Project Brief

Legacy Elite Performance helps sports clubs improve their recruitment and retention process. They came to StyleTech looking for a solution to enhance their Excel-based system to achieve their ultimate goal in helping clubs and coaches get the maximum output possible from their talent development and first-team squads. 

Our client was looking for a piece of software which would optimise the process of identifying raw potential and nurturing it into first-team talent quickly, effectively and efficiently. Our clients’ previous system monitored players progress through several Excel-based workbooks, where data needed to be collated and then put into scores, tables and graphs manually. The system was slow to update, wasn’t user friendly and couldn’t get the data back to the players in a timely manner. Our client needed help with developing a system that could do all of these things quickly and be made more accessible to the coaches and players. 

Our Solution

We worked closely with our client to deliver a web and mobile app which allows coaches and players to work together to sculpt the perfect personal development plan for maximum performance.

Our close working relationship enabled us to add extra functionality and help suggest different ideas, to help ensure our client got the best out of their software. The new functionality accommodates for flexibility allowing academies to tailor their training schedules to suit their coaching philosophies and agendas, increasing the likelihood of success. 

The Results

The software has helped our client redefine the process of player performance and development, using statistical evidence to highlight critical competencies. The software provides dashboard summaries of data in a clear and meaningful manner meaning our client can now analyse physical performance attributes, core skills, mental characteristics and lifestyle factors that indicate where a player’s current strengths lie and where growth is needed. This evidence-based approach to performance management has increased productivity and improved the appraisal process by eliminating any ‘grey areas’ which are subjective. 

The system has created efficiencies in many areas, such as the speed of the player appraisal, as the player's data can be entered and monitored via the website or mobile app. This has also helped coaches improve their recruitment and retention as it enables coaches to compare players and positions across a range of age groups. Clear targets can be set for each development area, team or individual so that specific, measurable goals can be monitored closely. Overall communication between coaches and players has improved, as all information can be found in one place and can be fed from the website or mobile app making the data available to everyone who needs it.

Web App
Web App
StyleTech developed a web-based product using the latest web coding and security best practices.
Mobile App
Mobile App
StyleTech developed a native mobile-based product from a single code base (using Microsoft Xamarin) for both iOS and Android.
Cloud App
Cloud App
All data is stored securely in the Microsoft cloud, allowing both the web and mobile-based products instant access to the same single source of data.
Many layers of security have been built into the web and mobile products, helping to ensure player data is held securely and privately.
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