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The Project Brief

Our client, a software development house contacted us after winning a contract with a National Body.

They needed help building a mobile app that would run on both iOS and Android platforms, which also needed completing within a very specific time scale.

Our client had already created a proof of concept using Swift for iOS but had yet to look at the android option and were losing ground on the deadline for completion. Alongside this there were also additional design features within the app that the client also required assistance with.

They came to StyleTech with a need for additional developer resources and skillsets to achieve the desired completion date. 

Our Solution

Together we reviewed the project in detail, and it became apparent that with our knowledge and skills within Xamarin, that this would offer our client a solution that would solve both the development and time scale problems as Xamarin allows both platforms to be developed using the same code base.

We quickly provided the resources, skills and knowledge when our client needed it, to meet their tight deadlines and future contracts. We gave our client the option of flexible start dates so they could bring developers on and off the job as their project lifecycle changed, and by using Xamarin it allowed us to integrate alongside their current software, to again keep within their deadline.

We helped extend the app over time by adding features such as push notifications and two-factor security to improve the user experience and all the knowledge and information was shared around the team to provide cover for any absences and to allow the project to be completed on time and within budget.

To help with the project's design side, we all made sure we fully understood what the National Body needed. We updated the prototype to reflect exactly what the National Body wanted, which allowed the customer to see the update before any code was written. If the customer then wanted to change it, it was simply a case of updating the prototype, and no code would need to be changed. Most bugs are introduced into software systems when changes are applied later on in the development process; by utilising the prototype, such changes are potentially avoided.

We built a close relationship with both teams and were always there at the end of a phone or email whenever they needed our help. Throughout the project, we spoke in a mix of jargon and non-jargon as we interacted with two different audiences. Internally with the client, we spoke technically, but with the National Body, we spoke to them non-technically. After development was complete, the National Body was able to sign the project off.

Once the National Body had accepted the enhanced app, the build pipelines automatically built the app, tested the app and published the app to the Apple and Android stores, all without any further developer involvement.

The Results

Working with our client, we quickly provided additional developer resources on a flexible basis to help exceed both our client's deadlines and expectations. The app was completed within both budget and timeframe and our shared knowledge and skillset enabled us to help enhance our clients' in-house expertise and look at new ways to make the project more efficient and effective.

The project we worked on together has helped our client win additional contracts with other National Bodies due to the quality and speed of deployment. We also helped enhance their easy access to the digital knowledge base across the National Body and work in conjunction with online learning. Over the course of the project, and due to the success of our working relationship we have become long-term partners and continue to help with other ongoing projects.

Additional Developer Resources
Additional Developer Resources
We quickly provided additional developer resources with cutting-edge skills on a flexible basis.
Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps
Using Xamarin to develop an app that has one code base but can be used on both IOS and Android devices.
Bespoke Software
Bespoke Software
The National Body had very unique requirements that could not be met with off the shelf software.
We worked with both a technical audience with the client and a non-technical audience with the National Body.
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