E-Business Financial Services - Direct Debits

The Project Brief

Our client, a company that offers direct debit management for companies and their clients. They came to StyleTech looking for additional .Net developer resources to help get one of their web-application projects over the line by a specific period of time. The client stipulated that our developers would be working on legacy code with older development languages that are not mainstream. The client had previously struggled to find developers with the appropriate experience and professionalism.

The project included creating a direct debit plugin page and direct debit wizard for their administrative portal with various different stages. They didn’t feel like they had the developer resources available internally to achieve this, so got in touch to see if we could help.

Our Solution

Together we looked at the project requirements and worked out how many hours and developers were needed that both suited their budget and project. We were able to look at a staggered start date for the additional developer resources to provide the flexibility which the client was looking for.

Our developers seamlessly integrated into the client’s internal development team, working remotely and communicating via the clients preferred channel which was Microsoft teams and daily stand-up meetings. We also held weekly virtual meetings during the project to ensure that the direction and quality of work was exactly what our client was looking for.

Our client has always wanted to try and implement a newer approach and methodically, but they didn’t feel they had the time or resources. We were able to use our combined knowledge, expertise, and skills to advise our client on different solutions, helping them to make an informed decision, with and without the use of jargon when talking to different individuals. Working with the legacy code was not a problem for our team as we have a vast array of experience in different programming languages from previous projects across many industries.

Together, we helped develop the direct debit set up plugin and the direct debit wizard, alongside introducing unit testing, which is a really useful tool for validating and testing code to make sure there are no errors. We also built-in content customisable page features such as branding, logos, and colour schemes so that companies could personalise their own pages. We removed all manual entry and replaced an old data access approach with entity framework to improve code readability and system efficiency.

Once the client could see how well our developers had integrated within their internal development team, the client increased the number of dedicated developers safe in the knowledge that their product was in good hands.

Working with us enabled the client to add the additional developer resources required much quicker, easier and at a fraction of the cost compared to recruiting to a role which was not a full-time permanent requirement.  

The Results

Working with our client, we have been able to quickly provide additional developer resources to successfully complete the project before our client’s deadlines and enable our shared knowledge and skills to enhance their in-house expertise.

Becoming strategic partners gave our client a fresh perspective allowing us to work together to implement new approaches and methodologies that our client has always wanted to try but has never had the time or resources.

Not only has this enabled our client to save costs by being able to choose the length of time required, but it has also given them a high-quality product, long term results and the flexibility to achieve a more significant competitive advantage.

We have formed a long term partnership with the client and are always on hand to help.

Additional Developer Resources
Additional Developer Resources
We seamlessly integrated into their software development team.
Web App
Web App
The web-based system allows people to set up direct debits at their convenience.
Knowledge Sharing
Knowledge Sharing
With our help, we enabled our client to utilise new approaches and methodologies.
Financial Services
Financial Services
Integrate with their direct debit payment provider.
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