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The Project Brief

Operating since 1991, Scientific Laboratory Supplies are the UK’s largest independent supplier of laboratory equipment, chemicals and consumables. Their mission is to contribute to a healthier, smarter, safer world by supporting science and the people who work within it.

In keeping with this mission, every two years SLS hold the Scientific Laboratory Show and Conference, a chance to showcase their suppliers, create leads and give their customers an opportunity to communicate directly with the brands they are interested in. StyleTech were asked to develop a series of software to support this event which included two mobile applications and a secure portal.

SLS required a digital platform for show delegates to receive up-to-date information including schedules, maps and the list of attending suppliers. Although a website was created by StyleTech for the show, a more flexible and portable solution was required that attendees could access on the go.

Our Solution

We developed the ‘SLS Show & Conference’ app, a mobile application that is compatible with any device and does not need an internet connection to access important information. The app contains detailed schedules, a list of suppliers, maps of the venue and news to provide delegates with a fast, up-to-date and intuitive means of negotiating the event.

Automatic updates take place when the app is connected to the internet and any new information is synced from the cloud. Additionally, push notifications were used to alert delegates of important talks and events throughout the day.

The Results

With over 1250 attendees, the SLS Show was a great success and SLS were thrilled with the engagement and feedback they received. The app proved very successful with a high level of downloads and a 5-star overall rating on the App Store.

Feedback for the app showed that attendees found it engaging and easy to use. Push notifications got delegates more involved throughout the day, ensuring they had all information they needed at their fingertips.

With the app, SLS did not need to print off unnecessary brochures for the show, saving time and resources. Information can be amended quickly from the secure portal, syncing with the cloud and automatically updating the app when connected to the internet, without the restrictions of print.

Push Notifications
Device notifications detail important information on upcoming talks and news, keeping attendees informed.
Mobile App
The mobile application allowed delegates access to up-to-date, relevant information throughout the day.
Software Integration
The whole series of software developed by StyleTech for the Show integrates and can be accessed by the SLS team all in one place from a secure portal.
Data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed by SLS. The app automatically synchronises with the cloud to keep all information up-to-date.
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