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The Project Brief

Scientific Laboratory Supplies first began trading in 1991 and have since grown to become the UK’s largest independent supplier of laboratory equipment, chemicals and consumables. With the mission of delivering the highest quality products and services with a friendly approach, SLS hold the Scientific Laboratory Show and Conference every two years.

The show is an opportunity for SLS to showcase their extensive range of products from world-leading manufacturers. The event bridges the gap between supplier and customer, allowing customers to talk directly to the brands they are interested in about their laboratory equipment needs.

StyleTech were asked to develop a suite of software to ensure the show ran as smoothly as possible. This included two mobile applications and a secure portal.

The show generates thousands of potential customers for SLS and it is vital that the SLS team have all the data they need to contact these customers, discuss their requirements and provide accurate quotations.

At past events device scanning was used to make note of leads, however the technology was unreliable with suppliers often resorting to writing lead details by hand. This resulted in a loss of data with a high percentage of incorrect or illegible leads. This method took a significant amount of time to consolidate and tidy the data before it could be distributed to the SLS salesforce. SLS needed a more efficient way to capture the leads received at the show, consolidate the data in real-time, and quickly distribute the information to the relevant field-based sales teams in the aim of improving lead conversation.

Our Solution

StyleTech developed SLSconnect, a mobile application for any device developed to streamline the management of the SLS Show. The software has two separate components, one for the suppliers to manage leads and another for the SLS events team to monitor the event. The process of managing leads started at the registration page on the show website where StyleTech amended the registration form ensuring all pertinent data was captured at source. This allowed SLS and their exhibition partners to know once a customer is scanned what their interests are, what brands they want to see and what applications they have come to discuss, all without having to ask them.

Suppliers could then tailor their conversations with attendees and send relevant quotes out to them in minutes streamlining the entire process.

The software regularly syncs with the cloud, storing all the leads in one place. The SLS staff could view these leads via a secure portal in real time allowing them to follow up with the customer, distribute and enquiry to the relevant SLS department or prepare a quotation during or after the show. This succinct approach meant a customer could return to work the next day with the enquiry or quotation already waiting in their inbox.

For the SLS team, the application had many functions to help simplify the running of the event. These functions included scanning attendee’s badges as they arrived, whether they had picked up a t-shirt, noting down scores for mini-games placed around the venue and custom dashboards to monitor engagement throughout the day.

These bespoke dashboards, which synced with the cloud, displayed all data gathered over the day in one place. They provided the SLS staff with a total 360-degree view of the event: how many people attended, how many leads were being generated, who were the most popular suppliers and the involvement of attendees in mini-games and events.

The Results

With SLSconnect, leads were processed in seconds and suppliers could generate quotes almost instantly, ensuring attendees were seen to quickly. As a result, SLS have gained valuable data on their customers interests, demand for products and favourite brands, all whilst ensuring complacence with the new GDPR standards.

The feedback we received for the software was phenomenal. Suppliers saw the app as a consistent and reliable tool for collecting leads and the SLS staff were thrilled with the high level of engagement and interest from attendees. StyleTech will continue to support and improve the software to meet the future needs of the SLS Show.

Data is stored in a secure CMS that can only be accessed by SLS staff, giving them an overview of the event and lead information
Mobile App
The mobile application proved to be a portable and intuitive solution that could be accessed by everyone involved in the SLS show.
Software Integration
The whole series of software integrates and can be accessed by the SLS team in one place from the secure portal.
The mobile app automatically synchronises with the cloud every minute to keep all information up-to-date.
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