Council Central Repository Of Health, Fitness And Physical Activity

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The Project Brief

StyleTech were asked to design and develop a bespoke web-based system to create a ‘central repository’ of health, fitness and physical activity events. The project was a collaboration of two public sector organisations, each with teams from multi-discipline agencies.

Our Clients needed a web-based platform which would collate and accurately display a large volume of information regarding activities, categories, clubs, groups, venues and leisure centres in a concise and easy to use way for the users; which was quick and simple for the management team to administer.

Our Solution

StyleTech ensured from day one that the development priorities were based around simplicity from an administration perspective, and a rewarding, easy to follow navigation experience for the visitors.

StyleTech’s hosting, support and maintenance options enabled the website to be flexible and scalable in the longer term, fully supported by the expertise of the StyleTech team.

The Results

The bespoke web-based central portal provides a one-stop solution for people who want to be more physically active to find the information they need. The system also helps to specifically target otherwise difficult to reach audiences by offering segmented information that is easily identifiable and accessible by just one click of a button from the home page.

People who are involved or leading activities, such as local five-a-side football, walking groups, Zumba classes and other types of activities, are encouraged to submit their club information via the bespoke website. A visitor can also sign up to keep up to date with activities and local events by submitting their details to the email capture system. Visitors who sign up then receive regular news and opportunities to join in future activities.

Web App
Web App
The web-based system allows the entire community to easily access activity information.
The database had to be capable of storing large complex 'connected' data structures.
Mobile App
The mobile app provides access to the information from any device at any time.
Web Hosting
The StyleTech hosting enables the website to be scalable over the busy summer months.
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