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The Project Brief

Our client, a global company approached StyleTech looking for a solution to improve one of their existing UK software systems, which had previously been outsourced overseas. 

Their existing software wasn’t working for them and provided no competitive advantage, which resulted in them losing contracts to their competitors on numerous occasions. Our client was looking to resolve the longstanding performance issues, bugs, inefficiencies and technical debt, which were causing negative impacts on their cost savings and business growth. 

Our Solution

We enhanced and fixed their existing software system, delivering updates on a regular release schedule. Our work has involved improving the performance of existing functionality, making it stable, intuitive and performant, together with adding new functionality such as a new secure self-service platform for customers. We undertook a full security audit of the software and hosting, which resulted in a product that is entirely OWASP Top 10 compliant with all known vulnerabilities addressed. We used modern technologies to extend the system in ways that enabled the content and functionality of the product to be used in new and productive ways (for example, the addition of a mobile app). We also helped migrate the software platform to a different data centre to comply with NHS data requirements.

We hold daily stand-ups to ensure that the direction and quality of work is exactly what our client is looking for. By using our combined knowledge and expertise, we can advise our client on the available solutions, helping them make informed decisions to business problems, without the use of any jargon. As a result of this work, the client has asked us to help them with other problem systems throughout Europe.

The Results

Our client can confidently and productively use their new and enhanced software system. All the issues which had previously caused a strain on their company growth and productivity have been resolved. Our client now works with a quality, stable and fast piece of software which meets their current and on-going business needs. The software system now gives them a competitive advantage and time to focus on their business, rather than on the issues. They have now started to win back contracts, which they previously lost to their competitors.

Legacy System
Previously supported by an overseas company.
Web App
A web-based application built to handle thousands of orders per day.
Mobile App
Customers can use the mobile app to manage their orders.
Bespoke Software Development
Tailored enhancements utilising the latest technology to keep software up-to-date.
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