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The Project Brief

Our client, the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK ("the Federation"), are based in the UK and have international reach. They are a collaboration between the three Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK: the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. The Federation provides training, exams, and CPD (continuous professional development) on behalf of the three colleges.

Collectively, the three colleges represent more than 60,000 physicians worldwide. For physicians in the UK and globally, the colleges provide an invaluable professional network, opportunities to share best practices, and ongoing educational opportunities.

Physicians need to stay current with the latest research, techniques and treatments through undertaking CPD. Each practicing physician must score a certain level of CPD points per year through reading or viewing relevant information and by attending conferences and events. CPD evidence is a core part of annual appraisals, and the colleges revalidate physicians on a periodical basis to ensure their continuing fitness to practice.

The Federation provides a CPD app and website solution on behalf of the three colleges for physicians to utilise. The Federation contacted StyleTech for help as the current app had some technical issues and needed modernising, and they also required a new app support partner.

Our Solution

The CPD app was developed using Xamarin, the cross-device development platform from Microsoft.

Firstly, StyleTech worked closely with the Federation to deliver a modernised version of the CPD app. This upgraded version works with modern devices, screens, operating systems and user interface guidelines.

Secondly, the physicians who used the CPD app often complained about the data synchronisation process failing or being very slow. StyleTech reworked the synchronisation process to better handle moving from fast to slow networks, and even handle the complete loss of network connectivity. StyleTech also added more robust logging to the synchronisation process to ensure any future issues could be quickly and easily investigated and resolved. Since StyleTech has enhanced the synchronisation process the number of complaints has reduced to virtually none.

StyleTech now provide ongoing support for the CPD app which means that StyleTech are always available when needed to provide help and support to maintain the CPD app moving forward. This ensures that the direction and quality of the CPD app are exactly what the Federation requires.

StyleTech always communicate in a way which helps the Federation make informed business decisions on the CPD app, without the use of jargon. This stop’s any confusion throughout the process and creates a great long-term relationship.

The Results

The CPD app can now be used on both modern and old iOS and Android devices, and also the data synchronisation process is now robust with different network connectivity speeds.

It was initially a short-term contract to help improve and develop the CPD app, however the Federation have chosen to extend the support with StyleTech moving forward.

Mobile App
Mobile App
StyleTech enhanced a native mobile-based app from a single code base using Microsoft Xamarin, for both iOS and Android.
Modernising Apps
Modernising Apps
StyleTech modernised the existing CPD app to keep it working for the Federation’s customer base.
Many layers of security have been built into the mobile app, ensuring all data is held securely and privately.
Software Integrations
Software Integrations
The mobile app integrates with other systems to ensure smooth and seamless operation.
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