The Launch Of Citizen Coin

The Launch Of Citizen Coin


An exciting new app launched by Citizen Coin has just been released for those within the Bradford community; StyleTech are thrilled to have been a part of such an innovative project!

What is Citizen Coin?

Citizen Coin is the world’s first community loyalty point system which allows individuals to be rewarded for positive acts they perform within the Bradford community. People can redeem coins through discounts at a range of local businesses which are registered to the scheme. Fostering a stronger sense of community, whilst simultaneously helping to support local businesses, Peter Kemp, the founder of Citizen Coin, stated how the initiative is designed to “recognise and reward people for doing social good”. The unprecedented events of Covid have highlighted the need and value of a strong sense of community, making the benefits of this scheme more important than ever. 

The scheme is categorised into four sections; Earn, Reward, Accept and Give. BradfordCoin, a virtual coin, can be earned by volunteering for activities, such as participating in Virtual Coffee Mornings and community gardening. On the Citizen Coin web and mobile app, organisations reward individuals who participate in tasks by offering discounts. These virtual coins are collected and saved into personal wallets, allowing individuals to use them as they wish with selected retailers. The app has an ‘Offers’ section whereby businesses can show available discounts in exchange for a specified number of BradfordCoin. The process of redeeming rewards is very simple; individuals, also known as ‘Wallet Holders’, can either scan a QR code presented by the business offering the discount, or transfer BradfordCoin using the website. Coins are automatically deducted from the individual’s personal wallet and the discounted price is then available.

Within ‘Reward’ and ‘Accept’, local businesses in the Bradford community are encouraged to participate and register with the Citizen Coin scheme, rewarding those who participate in positive acts to be given incentives. This is to help boost participation levels from the public, whilst symbiotically helping local businesses thrive, encouraging potential new customers while strengthening their existing client base. A pilot scheme has been conducted in Bradford with local businesses such Bread + Roses, Dubrovnik Hotel and Academia-Apparel taking part.

Finally, in the ‘Give’ element, once BradfordCoin have been earned by wallet holders, individuals can decide whether to use them in selected shops, pass them on to fellow wallet holders or donate them to volunteering organisations.

How Was StyleTech Involved?

Citizen Coin approached StyleTech seeking the use of our bespoke skills to work collaboratively on an ecosystem for both the web and mobile app. This involved developing a system to fulfil three criteria; the creation of activities and projects on which the scheme would be based, the use and transfer of coins, and for businesses to easily advertise rewards.

Previously, Citizen Coin were unable to effectively track where and how BradfordCoin were spent. StyleTech developed a system allowing Citizen Coin to anonymously track coins, providing the opportunity to fully analyse the impact and success to both the community and local business. StyleTech are proud to have created an app that is CREST certified, helping all users to have confidence knowing all data held is kept secure and confidential.

The Response

Despite the app having just been launched, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing the need and importance of such an innovative scheme.

In the words of Ikra Shakoor, a volunteer at Bradford for Everyone, “As volunteers, so many of us give up so much of our time every day to make a positive difference for others in our communities. I think that this exciting scheme is just such a nice gesture, a truly brilliant way to ‘thank’ people for doing amazing things.”

Katie Driver, business manager at Bread + Roses said, “We are fully behind this awesome scheme at Bread + Roses, our city of Bradford relies heavily upon the work of volunteers and we are keen to show just how grateful we are. We hope to provide great offers throughout the next year to really help add value to the awesome work that is being done.”

The scheme has support from Bradford Council where Kersten England, Bradford Council Chief Executive, recognized the importance to both people and local businesses by stating, "It may also encourage more people to get involved in volunteering and increase the giving and kindness that already exists in our district. I am also hoping that this scheme will support our retailers and businesses at a difficult time for them by increasing footfall and boosting sales.”

StyleTech are extremely proud to have worked on this project alongside Citizen Coin and are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for both the app and Bradford community. If you are part of the Bradford community, why not download the free Citizen Coin app, available on all major app stores, to help make a positive difference to Bradford.

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