World-First Software Developed For Mastercard

World-First Software Developed For Mastercard

World-First Software Developed For Mastercard

StyleTech Solutions have developed innovative software for Mastercard to celebrate 20 years as the headline sponsor of the BRIT Awards. The world-first concept proved to be a great success has led to new opportunities.

The software in question, developed using artificial intelligence, allows anyone to listen to their own unique soundtrack of their life by turning their Twitter feed into a song.

You only need to type any public twitter username and the innovative new technology will use the language, tone, emojis and pictures posted over the past year to translate the tweets into a series of unique beats, married together to create a personalised song.

With this exclusive technology, developed by StyleTech, every soundtrack is completely unique. Artificial intelligence is used to scan any public Twitter account for emotive language, jokes, tears, laughter and declarations of love to create beautiful and fascinating songs. Each one gives individuals the opportunity to look back over their year and relive all the highs, lows and priceless moments they experienced along the way. The soundtracks continue to develop over time with every additional tweet.

David Scotney, Managing Director of StyleTech said “Thanks to Soundtrack of Your Life we saw a huge increase in engagement on our social media channels and are excited for the possibilities it has opened up for the future. Due to the demand for our services and large-scale projects like this one, we are taking on more developers so we can keep creating cutting-edge software and continuing to provide the same level of excellent customers service.”

Soundtrack of Your life saw great success in the build-up to the BRIT awards, with well over 10,000 songs created in the first few days after launch. The webpage was widely shared on twitter and tweeted about by celebrities including Jodie Kidd and Remel London.

David Scotney, “This was a fantastic and exciting opportunity for StyleTech, we are very proud to have been the company chosen for this project. We have a real interest in AI and are always looking for opportunities to use it to enhance our software applications. This project was a great opportunity to make use of AI in a new and exciting way that so many people enjoyed. We were blown away by the success of Soundtrack of Your Life and how many times it was used and shared on social media.”

StyleTech Solutions Ltd are a leading national software developer and have been delivering award-winning bespoke software solutions to customers since 1999. With a track record of developing and delivering well over 1,000 bespoke software projects, StyleTech offers a focused, tailored, quality service for all their clients. The business has grown over a period by offering a service committed to understanding the intricacies of clients’ businesses and their long-term strategies and goals, to provide software that has a real, measurable impact on business performance.

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