Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner

Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner

We Are A Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner

We are thrilled to be named a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner, a certification awarded to us for our expertise in mobile app development. Along with our status of Microsoft Partner, what does this mean for us and our customers?

About Xamarin

Using Xamarin, a Microsoft product, we have the ability to create cross-platform native applications far quicker than ever before. Xamarin removes duplication when developing apps across the different mobile platforms as it allows developers to write the code for an app once and create versions for iOS and Android. Despite the reduced development time, there is no detriment to speed or functionality and the native experience stays the same for each platform.

What Does This Mean For StyleTech?

As a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner, we have been recognised for our skills in mobile app development. We can ensure all our apps are high-performing, well designed and robust while using the most cutting-edge technologies in app development. Additionally, we are specialists in creating apps connected to the cloud with Azure, another Microsoft Technology. As a result, our apps perform faultlessly and connect to the cloud saving time and resources while also scaling to suit the level of traffic the apps receive.

In order to achieve Premier status, we have demonstrated our high level of skill and previous experience using Xamarin. Our team of talented Xamarin certified developers are always learning new skills and technologies to keep our apps cutting-edge and in line with the best practices of the industry.

How Does This Affect Our Customers?

With the use of Xamarin, our customers have confidence in our apps and enjoy faster times to market. Our skilled developers create a seamless user experience and our clients know they will be receiving a product they can rely on to perform and run at a very high standard.

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