Wearable Technology And Productivity

Wearable Technology And Productivity

Can Business Productivity Be Improved With Wearable Technology?

The wearable technology market has seen huge growth in the last few years, in 2017, the market grew by 17% with 310 million devices sold worldwide. This is forecast to increase each year as technology companies continue to release more wearable devices with even more usability and features. But what does this mean for business?

Research conducted by Rackspace and Goldsmiths of the University of London found that the productivity of individuals using a wearable device increased by 8.5% and job satisfaction rose by 3.5% over the month of study. Although this research was conducted in 2014, with only 120 participants, it is still significant in deciding whether wearable technology could have a positive or negative impact on business productivity.

Promote A Healthy Lifestyle

Multiple members of our team at StyleTech use wearable technology on a daily basis for their own health. Activity monitoring, calorie counting and sleep tracking can all help contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Measuring activity often gives people the motivation to make healthier choices and strive to improve their daily habits, even in small ways such as walking more or getting to bed earlier.

These little lifestyle improvements add up over time and result in less sick days taken from work and an improved mood. BP takes advantage of this, using wearables to encourage employees to lead healthy lifestyles with their “Million Step Challenge”. This is designed to get employees moving by setting the aim of walking one million steps over the course of a year. The challenge proves popular with BP staff, many of whom exceed the task and walk over two million steps a year.

Business Uses

Other than general health improvements, wearable technology has many uses in the business environment that contribute to improved productivity. One example of this is time-saving and connectivity capabilities. Wearables can connect teams allowing them to send, receive and respond to messages instantly, without needing to pick up a smartphone.

Simple tasks can be made even more so with the introduction of wearable technology. PowerPoint presentations can be controlled by your wrist and the ability to make payments with wearable technology has the potential to save teams significant amounts of time.

The Potential Of Wearable Technology Alongside Bespoke Software

With the inclusion of custom software, designed to suit your business needs, wearable technology can speed up processes and motivate employees on a whole new level. Bespoke applications can be developed for almost any business process from stock control, transactions, document approval, data collection and safety during physical activity. Day-to-day processes can be made hands-free, with data available at a glance and shared conveniently over teams.

As an example, Tesco saw success using armbands with custom tracking technology that allowed employees to track goods across nearly 90 aisles of shelving. This freed up employee’s hands as they no longer needed to carry and manually mark clipboards while also giving managers estimated times of completion. As a result, Tesco’s team became better connected and more efficient.

Tracking technology also has the potential to improve safety in many industries. Devices worn on the wrist of drivers can monitor heart-rate and alert them if they are growing tired, telling them to pull over in an unobtrusive way. These devices could additionally monitor spikes in heart rate that could indicate an accident and alert authorities if needed.

Wearable technology has the potential to boost any industry, with creativity and the right development, the opportunities are endless. At StyleTech we work closely with our clients to determine what processes could be improved and what would be the best method to do so. With us, bespoke software can change a useful business device into a game-changing tool that provides tangible business value.

If you would like to discuss how bespoke software could improve your business processes, get in touch today!

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