StyleTech Tailored Resource Solution

StyleTech Tailored Resource Solution

Why Customers Come To Us?

Every customer is unique, and we are proud to have worked on over 1,000 bespoke projects throughout the years. No matter the project, StyleTech is always here to help.

Customers come to StyleTech for several reasons, one being, they are under-resourced and need to find developers quickly to aid in completing projects. We have a continuously growing team of software developers, so there is always someone available to help. Customers also contact StyleTech if they require additional support but are not looking to employ an individual full-time. We pride ourselves on the flexibility we offer as our software developers stay with the customer working on projects as long as they are required.

StyleTech can help relieve pressure on our customers’ IT teams as we make sure project deadlines are met. As a result, our customers can focus on other duties knowing StyleTech will confidently complete all projects to a high standard.

If the customer wishes to implement a new system and lacks the necessary skills to do this, we help to bridge the skill gap and assist in completing a seamless system implementation. For those customers working with older systems and seek support and assistance, StyleTech helps to ensure the system is fully supported at all times.

How Can StyleTech Help?

StyleTech has recently celebrated 21 years in the industry and has received several awards recognising the bespoke services we offer. Combining all our software developers’ experience, there is over 300 years worth! The abundance of knowledge and skills available at StyleTech ensures a bespoke solution for every customer. Our team are passionate about technology and thrive when learning new skills as there is always room to learn and grow. We are extremely lucky to do a job in a field we love, and there is no technology that phases us!

StyleTech has worked on a variety of projects ranging from small startups to large multinationals and has largely grown through word of mouth. Some of our customers have been with us since the beginning, something we are extremely proud of as we create and value trustworthy relationships with our customers. We recognise technical jargon can be overwhelming, so our software developers talk in plain English with our customers, ensuring effective communication and helping us to work together towards the best outcome.

We have experience in a variety of different platforms, including:

-         Web apps

-         Desktop apps

-         Mobile apps

-         Database

-         SharePoint, and more.

Check out our Services page to find out more about the services we offer.

Tailored Solutions

As each customer and project is unique, so are the solutions we offer.

We work closely with the customer throughout every stage of the process, so they are always kept up to date. If our customer requires our team to assist in supporting or enhancing legacy systems, an onboarding process will be carried out. This allows the StyleTech team to thoroughly understand the codebase and how to use the system so our software developers can quickly get started once complete.

By listening to our customers and ensuring they are an integral part of the development process, we tailor the process to them, whether that be by using Agile Methodology or prototypes. Through this close and effective communication, StyleTech can add more developers to the projects if desired as we are able to flex up/down depending on our customer requirements. We recognise, and value flexibility is key when working with our customers.

Whatever your query or problem, do not hesitate to contact us as we would love to hear from you!

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