Starting StyleTech In Lockdown During Covid-19

Starting StyleTech In Lockdown During Covid-19


I started my job at StyleTech Solutions just before the UK went on lockdown. I managed to experience two days in the office before the company shifted to working remotely. The Monday I joined there were talks about how we may be working from home, and by the Wednesday I had my computers set up in my study. I have had a few jobs in the past, but this is my first experience working full time from home. 

For me, the first two days I had in the office really helped. I got the time to meet everyone and have one to one conversations with each team member going over their individual roles and the projects and teams they were working in. This gave me the confidence and helped me get to grips with the basics, ready to start my career at StyleTech. 

I have found everyone to be extremely helpful, and anyone will go out of their way to help one another, even if they aren’t in your team. You can never ask a silly question. It has been lovely to mix with all the team over Microsoft Teams taking part in numerous virtual social activities including, quizzes, Pictionary and Connect 4. It has given me the chance to have a laugh with everyone and connect on different levels. 

On occasions when I have left my desk to make a cup of tea, my cat has walked across my keyboard pressing a handful of keys, and my dog always finds the time to play with his toys in my meetings. My biggest lesson learnt from working from home is always lock your keyboard!!


I am a Hull University graduate and started my job at StyleTech Solutions halfway through the official UK lockdown. As this is my first proper job, I didn’t have any other experiences to compare to.

Just before I officially started at StyleTech, I was able to go to the office and meet my team leader, who helped me prepare everything I needed to work from home. This involved setting up passwords to bring in security so I could bring my computers home. Together we video called the rest of the project team, which gave me the chance to meet and have a chat with everyone before I started working with them. It was a really nice experience, and it has allowed me to meet who I will be working with even if it was over Microsoft Teams.

I was slightly nervous when I joined like anyone would be on their first day at their new job. I was a little worried about how the experience would impact my ability to hit the ground running. However, since starting I have felt the complete opposite, the whole experience has been great. The team have been extremely welcoming, and everyone has made me feel at home (pardon the pun). We have daily chats to make sure I am ok, and that I have everything I need. Someone is available if I have any questions, and I have learnt that I can ask anything, and nothing will come across silly.

Since joining, I have been able to get involved with team social events which have all been done virtually and had the chance to meet and speak to the full team. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone properly when we are allowed back into the office and getting to know everyone in person. 

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