Scrum Project Management

Scrum Project Management

Scrum Project Management

StyleTech recognise that the old style project management methodologies for bespoke software development projects do not provide the flexibility that customers require today. Traditionally, bespoke software developments would not progress until everything about the project requirements was known (this could take many months to complete) and then once the programming starts, nothing could be changed until the project is delivered. This usually meant that the software system would always be playing catch up with the business, as the software system was based on business processes that could be a year or more out of date by the time the software system was delivered.

StyleTech always provide a flexible development process for our customers. StyleTech recognise that business processes change and a good software development company should work with the customer to ensure the software system can change with the customer's changing business needs. Internally for many years, StyleTech have used the Scrum agile methodology for software development project management. Scrum has ensured that StyleTech continues to react with our customers changing business processes during and beyond the development of the software system.

Scrum allows StyleTech to work with the customer on smaller pieces of the overall bespoke software development. This allows the customer to focus on one area of the system at a time and it makes it easier to change other areas of the system if the customer’s business requirements change. StyleTech also find that working with Scrum allows the customer to easily describe the business rules for the area in discussion which then allows StyleTech to write better automated tests to ensure those business rules are adhered to.

Scrum also allows StyleTech to constantly enhance the internal development process by providing rolling feedback for the work in progress. Questions for the customer can be raised very quickly ensuring the project is never held up waiting for a response from the customer. Scrum encourages quick feedback, so StyleTech can quickly detect any current or future issues with the project and allocate resources to those areas of the project that may need them.

StyleTech believe that good project management is about balancing the following areas to ensure the customer’s expectations are always met:

  • Scope of the project
  • Resources within the project
  • Features required by the project
  • Quality of the finished software system

StyleTech always deliver quality bespoke software applications on-time that do exactly what our customer wants them to do and Scrum is one of the tools that StyleTech implement to ensure this goal is met every time.

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