In A Mobile World

In A Mobile World

In A Mobile World, Why Would Your Business Software Be Anything But Mobile?

It’s surprising how many businesses continue to work with outdated systems and software, plugging along by making the best of what they’ve got. I’d imagine there are not too many successful business owners out there driving around in a 20-year-old car, and why should they? Advances and upgrades to cars over the years have resulted in much better performing, faster and more efficient models, so it’s a decision that makes sense. It’s the same with computers and software systems, which change beyond recognition not just over 20 years, but each and every year – perhaps even every month, such is the exciting rate of development and progress.

The speed of change and capability in software is frightening, making it a frightening thought to consider how many businesses are leaving themselves well behind the times – or at least a step or two behind their rivals who have been willing to invest. Many businesses are reluctant to make a switch from something they are comfortable with and have used for many years, even though when they sit back and look at how they are working, it makes little sense, and probably isn’t appropriate at all.

Take mobility of software as an example. There are fewer and fewer jobs these days that are confined to employees turning up at the same place every day and sitting at their desktop to complete their work. The world is mobile, and if your business isn’t, you must ask yourself why. Increasingly, business employees are away from the office and needing information delivered to them when at a number of locations, or needing to easily share their own data with others when out on the road.

Take customers also. Their demands and expectations have changed. People don’t want to wait anymore. They want instant service. Is that what your business delivers? Mobile applications bring businesses into the modern age and also bring a wide range of other benefits.

Firstly a truly mobile data and information network allows a company to get the best out of mobile working, enabling it to share and send information quickly and efficiently between staff, at the touch of a button. Not only does this bring benefits to a business and its staff, but also crucially to its customers, as it makes them visible and available to contact at all times. For many businesses, the introduction and use of mobiles and tablets can also bring extra benefits, as functions such as GPS and cameras can be integrated into job tasks, making effective use of the new technology available. Put simply, using mobile software and applications can prove a cost-effective way of boosting efficiency and productivity. Why wouldn’t you consider it?

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