Using Microsoft Cognitive Services

Using Microsoft Cognitive Services

Using Microsoft’S Cognitive Services To Develop Soundtrack Of Your Life

At StyleTech we are always looking for new ways to use technology to drive business potential and improve processes. We love to explore new technologies and push them to the limit to see what can be achieved. This is why we were asked to develop Soundtrack of Your Life to celebrate Mastercard’s 20-year sponsorship of the BRIT Awards.

Soundtrack of Your Life takes any public Twitter account and turns it into a song. The software scans the Twitter feed for language, tone, emojis and photos to create a song that incorporates all the highs, lows and priceless moments felt when tweeting. Giving people the opportunity to musically relive their year.

For us at StyleTech, this was a great opportunity to make use of new technology and test its limits. We were excited to see how we could make use of artificial intelligence to develop Soundtrack of Your Life, and to this end, we turned to Microsoft Cloud's Cognitive Services.

What Is Microsoft Cognitive Services?

Simply put, it is a set of tools available for developers to make applications more intelligent and engaging using AI. These tools allow developers to create applications with intelligent features that can possess colloquial language, recognise speech and visuals, identify and moderate images, and many other fascinating features.

Microsoft Cognitive Services gives developers the opportunity to incorporate intelligent algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret user needs into their apps, websites and bots.

How We Used Microsoft Cognitive Services

Using Microsoft Cognitive Services, we were able to develop Soundtrack of Your Life to scan any public Twitter account for emotive language, jokes, tears, laughter, anger, and a range of other emotions. The software detects facial emotion from the photos posted and considers emojis used to determine the tone of each tweet.

This information is then fed into a bespoke algorithm which produces a beautiful and fascinating song. As every Twitter feed is unique so too is every song, each one has its own individual sound.

What is special about Soundtrack of Your Life is that the songs develop over time with each tweet added. The songs continue to move and progress reflecting the Twitter account they came from.

Why Use StyleTech?

This project was a chance to explore cutting-edge technology in a new and exciting way that has never been done before. During the first few days, well over 10,000 songs were created and we were thrilled to see how well the software was received on social media.

We are passionate about software and love to develop solutions that make a difference. Whether it improves business processes or brightens someone’s day, software is a powerful tool and we are proud to be developing innovative business solutions, and songs for your Twitter feed.

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