Living With A Legacy System

Living With A Legacy System

Living With A Legacy System

Technology moves incredibly fast. New software and languages are developed every day and it can be difficult keeping your software cutting-edge and up-to-date with current standards and practises. Many legacy systems were written decades ago and while the businesses relying on them develop and grow, these systems do not. They become stagnant and can hinder business growth. As your company develops and evolves, so too should your software.

An old software system can slow business performance right down. Like any technology, with more alterations and use it becomes slower and more difficult to manage. Even basic tasks can take much longer than they need to and can result in double data entry, slowing down business processes and creating a window for error.

Often, we have found, companies do not have staff who can modify or enhance a legacy system. The systems are so old the people who used to maintain them left the company and new employees do not understand how the system works, resulting in a general lack of understanding around the software

One major issue with an outdated system, especially in our current climate, is the issue of security. Software written a decade ago is just not designed to stand up to modern malware and attacks, leaving company data at risk with the threat of data loss or a total breakdown of the system.

How We Can Help. Don’t Panic, Come To Us

At StyleTech we know that although legacy systems are not ideal, they are difficult to modify or replace, it can be a disruptive and costly procedure. However, with the right help, it doesn’t have to be.

Our team have experience working with legacy systems and adapting them to suit our clients. We manage the system so you don’t have to and are always available for support at the end of the phone. Risk is completely removed as we manage the system for you and are on hand to fix any issues that arise. We will never resort to quick fixes and if there are any issues we will always get to the root of the problem, fixing it quickly, with minimal disruption.

We can also enhance legacy systems, allowing them to grow with our clients and never hold them back. Systems can be updated or enhanced effectively by our skilled team of software developers. We provide a tailored service, learning the details of your system and long-term goals so we can evolve the software to suit you and your company. We pride ourselves on providing great service and support; there is no reason to worry about unruly legacy systems as we can do the work for you, allowing time to focus elsewhere.

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