My Industrial Placement At StyleTech 2020

My Industrial Placement At StyleTech 2020

Getting Started

Doing a placement for a second-year Software Engineering student with no previous real-life/industry experience is fundamental.

At the beginning of my course, I knew that I was interested in doing a placement and finding the right company to gain the experience required in the software engineering field. University can provide you with an understanding of the basic skills of programming, but what is better than practice in a real-life situation? I was excited to use the skills and theories I'd learnt over the past few years in the real world and expand my knowledge in new areas of code.

When I first heard about StyleTech Solutions, I hadn't met anybody from the team. However, after researching the company, I found that the technologies and programming languages used on all the different projects were interesting, and ones I wanted to learn and expand my knowledge on. I knew that StyleTech was right for me.

The technology, programming languages, friendliness and professional approach, were the main reasons I chose StyleTech Solutions from the rest.


During my first week at StyleTech, I met the team. Everyone explained their role in the company and offered any help and guidance I required. Knowing that everyone is always willing to help was a great morale booster for me during my first days in the new environment.

I joined a team who was working on a big project for one of StyleTechs large clients. My team explained the software they had been working on and the different technologies used and the reasoning why they were chosen. During this time, I learnt about so many new technologies that I hadn't come across before.

My first task included building an email plugin and getting familiar with JavaScript. Gradually I was introduced to the Kendo UI and Knockout JS, which were essential in my future projects. Among the previously mentioned frameworks and programming languages, I was also working with C#, HTML, SQL, and a few Microsoft products such as Azure Services and Entity Framework.

During my placement, I developed several essential parts for the system that are used by many customers in the real-life application.

I have also participated in many company social events such as night outs, birthdays and Christmas parties as well as enjoyed the bake-off competition, one of the sweetest few weeks during last year.

What Next?

Sadly, my placement is coming to an end, as I go back to the University for my final year. I have enjoyed working with my team as well as everyone else at StyleTech.

The guidance and help that I have received from the developers in my team have been invaluable. As a Software Engineering student, I feel that my skills have massively improved and I have learnt new technologies, frameworks and practices that will be useful when I go back University as well as my future career. I would highly recommend StyleTech Solutions for an industry placement for every student on a Computer Science/Engineering course.

Advice For Students Looking At A Year In Industry Placements.

After working at StyleTech for the last 12 months, I would highly recommend taking the opportunity to participate in a year-long placement that will allow you to take the skills learnt and put them into practice.

During last year I have had the chance to build up my self-confidence, attention to detail, and other skills that were not programming related, but helpful in everyday life.

Remember to be yourself, be open for guidance and offered help and enjoy your time! Don't be scared to ask questions if something is not clear because everyone is willing to help.

I would highly recommend StyleTech Solutions for every student that is ready to use their skills as well as wanting to learn new techniques and technologies. I can hands down say that a placement experience will help you to become a better developer and give you confidence for the future.

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