If It Ain't Broke, It Can Still Break

If It Ain't Broke, It Can Still Break

“If It Ain’t Broke” It Can Still Break:Why You Should Deal With Your Legacy System Before It Is Too Late

One of the biggest arguments for hanging onto an outdated software system is the old proverb: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. While this is relevant for many aspects of life, when it comes to software, it can be a dangerous way of thinking.

Rapidly Changing Industry

Software is changing all the time, as languages become out-dated and practises change, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep business software cutting-edge. Languages such as VB, Java and C++, which were once predominantly used in software development have now become nearly obsolete, with far fewer developers who are working with them today.

Although a piece of software may not be broken, without regular updates it can become outdated and increasingly difficult to manage, especially as it becomes harder to find developers who understand it.

Many of the legacy systems that have come to us at StyleTech were originally developed by our clients, updated by different people whenever something needed changing or adding. This usually results in a massive system made up of lots of different parts, all written in different languages by multiple people, with no individual who fully understands the system in its entirety. Often people who worked on the software in the past have left the company, taking their knowledge of the system with them.

Why This Is A Problem

With such systems, simple business processes can be made much more complex and time-consuming. Often if you change one thing, something else will stop working. It can take hours or days to figure out what the initial issue was and get the system fixed and running again.

While your system may not grind to a complete halt (although this is likely), other processes can be stopped or suffer in the meantime. Customer relationships can be seriously affected by a poor IT system. If their experience with your company software, such as a website, is slow or inefficient, you could stand to lose their trust which once lost can be impossible to regain.

How StyleTech Can Help

With 30 years’ experience, at StyleTech we are experts with legacy systems. We work with business software to nurture it, instead of completely replacing it. With our skills and expertise, we are able to update your software and keep it running at its very best. We ensure that your software is as simple and intuitive as possible so that your employees and customers can use the system with ease, fully utilizing business processes.

Our skilled team are always learning and striving to expand their knowledge, as a result, we can provide the most cutting-edge software and enhancements to our customers.

We provide comprehensive support and are always available at the end of the phone. If any issues arise we fix them swiftly and with minimal disruption so you can focus on your business. We can perform enhancements on your software and ensure that it always works with you and continues to grow and adapt as your company does.

Don’t take any risks with your important business software, we can secure and manage your legacy system before it slows your business down.

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