StyleTech Great Office Bake Off 2018

StyleTech Great Office Bake Off 2018

StyleTech Office Bake Off 2018

For the first time ever, we have been inspired to hold our very own Great Office Bake Off. With 10 contestants and 11 bakes spread out over 9 weeks, this was the perfect opportunity to get creative.

We each wrote down a theme or ingredient, these were then pulled out of a hat at random by each contestant. The rules were simple: you must bake enough for everyone and stick to the theme or ingredient you pull out of the hat. Each bake was scored anonymously by everyone in the office receiving scores out of 10 for the look, taste, and overall effort put in.

Each week we were completely blown away by the skill of our team, it turns out many of the developers at StyleTech are secretly amazing bakers! We had a brilliant time tasting and scoring all the bakes but selecting the winners was no easy feat. After tasting scones, cupcakes, brownies and cheesecakes, the winners we settled on were a chocolate caramel layer cake, veggie sausage pies with chilli jam and a Ferris wheel made out of gingerbread.

We are very proud of the StyleTech team, it was great seeing everyone get involved and have fun in the process. We are happy to have learnt that not only can our team develop award-winning bespoke software solutions, we can also bake!

Want to be a part of the next StyleTech Office Bake Off? We are hiring! Click here to take a look at the positions we have available and how to apply.

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