Graph Database Opportunities

Graph Database Opportunities

How Graph Databases Can Help You Spot New Opportunities For Your Business From The Data You’Ve Already Been Collecting

At StyleTech Solutions, we live in a world where data is at the heart of all we do – and it’s an exciting world to live in. From developing bespoke software for clients to designing systems and applications which best present figures for easy and quick analysis, we have come to appreciate the power of data and all it can bring to those willing to dig down and discover the fascinating insights it can provide.

Quite simply, every business generates data. Many businesses generate mountains of it, but the difference comes in how they use it. Data can only ever be as good as your understanding of it, and it is with that in mind that we are seeing a major shift towards the huge benefits of graph database technology, particularly amongst the most forward-thinking businesses.

Put simply, graph databases can identify connections and patterns held within complicated data which has been collected, identifying patterns and possible relationships which in turn can bring big opportunities for businesses. It sounds complicated, but with the right software and technology in place, it is simple and hugely effective.

Take a day-to-day, modern example, such as Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature. That uses graph connections between its users with similar music taste, filling in the gaps to create a playlist to suggest to the users songs they may like. It sees two people who have similar tastes and recommends the songs they each have to one another. It is simple data being analysed and interpreted in a highly intelligent way. Simple, yes, with the right software and technology. Powerful and effective? Incredibly.

At StyleTech Solutions, we are delighted to have recently been selected as development partners for Neo4j, the world leaders in the development of advanced graph database software, a partnership which we know will bring big rewards and benefits to our clients. It means we can help the businesses we support to map their data, no matter what sector they work in, in a way they never thought possible, developing bespoke software packages which makes the business data they collect work effectively for them. We are providing world-leading technology which will help our clients gain superb insights and opportunities they never knew existed – from data they are already generating.

That’s why we said we love being so involved in data. These are exciting times, and if you want to speak about the exciting opportunities it brings to you, we’d love to help.

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