Bespoke SharePoint Add-Ins

Bespoke SharePoint Add-Ins

How Bespoke SharePoint Add-Ins Can Change The Way You Work For The Better

Why Change SharePoint?

No two companies are the same and business software should reflect this, so why do so many businesses use SharePoint without customisation?

SharePoint is already a dependable business tool, being used by companies worldwide it has built a reputation as a secure and powerful application for any business. However, SharePoint is more than what you see on the surface, with most users never experiencing the true power of the platform.

As a development tool, it is easy to develop add-ins and enhancements for SharePoint. There is a vast range of opportunities to fine-tune and personalise the platform to suit your business and how you work. Below are a few simple options that can improve productivity in any business:

Automate Processes And Workflows

SharePoint has the capability to automate manual processes and create electronic forms, saving time and paper and streamlining processes. Workflows can be used to get feedback or approval on documents, collecting signatures, tracking the status of procedures and much more. Reminders can be set for employees so tasks can’t get forgotten and there is complete visibility over outstanding work items, this ensures everyone knows what needs to be done.


SharePoint can be seamlessly integrated with any business software you rely on. Bespoke applications can be developed to integrate SharePoint with commercial software, such as CRM systems, and we can easily integrate SharePoint with other Office applications like Outlook.

For example, integrating SharePoint with Outlook allows you to automatically save your emails, attachments and contacts on SharePoint without duplication.

Reports And Analytics

Your business data is valuable and can be put to great use. With reports from SharePoint, you can get insights into how employees work and where they end up spending the most time by tracking file activity. This can show up any recurring issues or help you identify if there are any processes slowing the team down. Data like this helps to make informed company decisions as you have all the information necessary at your fingertips.

Authorized Access And Privilege Settings

Privilege settings can be implemented into SharePoint to personalise the experience for individuals and departments. This ensures that everyone sees only what they need without information overload, resulting in a different view depending on where you work. Access can be authorized to extend the range of what people see while certain documents can be kept private.

What Is The Benefit?

As the platform is so widely-used it is likely you already make use of SharePoint. It is far easier to train new employees with software they recognise and the adjustment and learning period is much faster. Employees have the ability to work much quicker when they have a good understanding of the software they are using.

SharePoint is an application you can rely on, with the added agility of the cloud, solutions developed through SharePoint are high performing and flexible. Employees can access data wherever or whenever they need too, using any device. Furthermore, With Microsoft’s highly secure data centres, you can guarantee your data is safe.

At StyleTech we tailor our solutions to suit you, making bespoke SharePoint add-ins to suit your requirements. With our add-ins you get so much more than an ‘off-the-shelf’ product, you get a solution designed to make your life easier.

We already have a thorough understanding of, and years of experience working with SharePoint. We have been developing with SharePoint since 2001 and understand better than any how the platform works and what can be done to customise and expand it. With the right developers, the opportunities are endless.

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