Build Faster And Better Apps With Azure

Build Faster And Better Apps With Azure

How We Build Faster And Better Apps With Azure

Technology is present in so many aspects of our lives and as a result, apps have become invaluable in the ways we connect to each other, learn new skills and play games. There is a staggering amount of applications on the market and with the huge level of competition, it is vital that any app we release is bug-free, robust and engaging from day one.

With so many applications to choose from audiences create opinions quickly, and once their trust is lost it is almost impossible to gain it back. That is why we place so much importance on releasing applications that work to an excellent standard straight away, without game-changing updates and awkward bugs. Here at StyleTech we pride ourselves on developing robust and cutting-edge apps, even to tight deadlines, and have found Azure to be an invaluable tool in the development process.

Azure, the cloud-based service from Microsoft, allows developers to build, deploy and manage applications all in one place. Azure provides the tools and services to assist development along with a worldwide network that can be tapped into. These tools promise to speed up development time, support additional functionality and improve the reliability of apps.

One benefit we have found from using Azure has been its integration with other Microsoft technologies we already make use of. Azure integrates with services such as SharePoint and Office 365, helping to simplify processes and making it easier to share work across teams. Additionally, the fact that we can create, test and manage our apps in Azure saves time and resources.

With our use of Azure, we have the opportunity to tap into Microsoft’s global network of data centres in 140 countries worldwide. This means we can reach users locally and globally, scaling to meet demand. Azure also provides the benefit of Microsoft’s commitment to data protection, with safeguards that are up to date with modern regulations, fail-safe options, stand-by models and rolling reboot capabilities so what we are working on is always protected and kept physically secure.

Finally, the major benefit we have found from using Azure is the flexible expenditure. We are able to pay for exactly what we need to use and Azure scales to fit our business. We can spin resources up or down depending on what we need and Azure auto-scales to charge us for only what we use. We still control the maintenance of our apps while Azure allows us more time to focus on delivering quality bespoke applications for our customers instead of the infrastructure needed to achieve it.

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