Automated Testing

Automated Testing

Automated Testing

StyleTech have just completed a very successful implementation of a new bespoke software system for a nationwide company. The customer had initially hired another software house but had experienced many problems with the delivery of that bespoke software. One of the major complaints the customer had with the other bespoke software company was that the same bugs kept re-appearing, the bug would be fixed in one release but then it would re-appear in another release.

StyleTech believe this is one of the symptoms of a chaotic software development process. When developing a modern web-based bespoke application, that bespoke application not only has to be tested for correctness, it also has to be tested for correctness against many browser implementations and versions (often dating back many years). Many bespoke software developers still manually test their applications, which causes sparse code testing coverage plus human errors can mean certain features are not fully tested.

StyleTech recognised this weakness in the bespoke software development process many years ago and have long been an advocate of Automated Testing. Automated Testing is the process of writing a computing program to test another computer program. This allows the same tests to be executed automatically at any time allowing the bespoke developer to have confidence that any changes they make will not introduce bugs in another part of the system which the programmer believes is unrelated to the change.

As StyleTech develop new bespoke software systems, the automated tests are developed in parallel to ensure that the test code coverage remains as high as possible. If a bug is discovered within the bespoke application, a test is then developed to ensure that if that bug ever reappears in a future release of the application, the Automated Test process will detect the bug and stop it from ever reaching the customer.

Another benefit of Automated Testing is that if a new security best practice is issued, StyleTech can quickly write a test to ensure the bespoke software application implements the security best practice throughout the applications code base. For the customer, the major benefit of Automated Testing is the reduction of errors in the final software, but Automated Testing does offer other benefits to the customer. As the amount of manual testing is reduced, the amount of time required to create the bespoke software application is also reduced, saving the customer money.

StyleTech also believe that once people lose faith in a system it is very hard to get that faith back. StyleTech always aim to deliver bespoke software applications that work first time and do exactly what our customer wants them to do in an intuitive way and Automated Testing is one of the tools that StyleTech implement to ensure this goal is met every time.

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