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StyleTech have been developing bespoke Office Add-ins for all versions of Microsoft Office since Office 97 (including Office365). StyleTech can create bespoke Microsoft Office Add-ins for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Bespoke Office Add-ins can be used to stop duplicate data entry, control process workflows or enhance an Office application to fit with the needs of your business. Microsoft Office contains a huge amount of functionality that most people never experience. A bespoke Office Add-in is one mechanism that allows companies to benefit from the Microsoft expertise.

The following list contains a sample of bespoke Office Add-ins that StyleTech have developed:

  • Approval workflows
  • Document management systems
  • Contact management systems
  • Calendar systems
  • Room booking systems
  • Intranet systems
  • Health improvement systems
  • Questionnaire systems
  • Directory systems
  • Marketing systems
  • Retail sales analysis systems
  • Map systems
  • Data security systems
  • Route planning systems

Historically, Office add-ins have been developed using COM based technologies. The COM standard works on Windows PCs but generally no other operating systems. This approach worked for Microsoft as they have historically only shipped Office for Windows PCs. StyleTech develop bespoke COM Office add-ins using .Net languages such as C# and VB.Net (StyleTech can also develop bespoke COM Office add-ins using traditional COM based languages such as VB6).

Today, Microsoft Office supports Macs, web, phones and tablets, and Microsoft needed a technology that can work across all the different platforms which modern-day Office supports. Microsoft now recommends that Office add-ins are created using cross-platform web-based technologies. Microsoft introduced web-based add-ins within Office 2013 and they are now fully supported in Office 2016 onwards. StyleTech develop bespoke cross-platform web-based Office add-ins using HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages.

StyleTech have developed many worldwide applications that support many languages, StyleTech can enhance existing Office add-ins to allow them to become fully multilingual.

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