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Bespoke Software Development - Azure Cloud

StyleTech have been developing bespoke cloud software applications that run on the Microsoft Azure Cloud since 2012. The following bespoke cloud applications have been developed by StyleTech for Microsoft Azure:

  • Data analysis solutions
  • Algorithm based solutions
  • E-Commerce solutions
  • Manufacturing solutions
  • Document management solutions
  • Content management solutions
  • Dashboard solutions
  • Reporting solutions
  • Scientific solutions
  • Transportation solutions
  • Mobile software solutions
  • Education solutions

StyleTech use Microsoft Visual Studio and technologies such as C#, ASP.Net MVC, Azure SDK, .Net Core and Entity Framework to create bespoke cloud based applications.

A driving factor behind StyleTech is to create bespoke software that is feature rich and provides a great user experience. To achieve this goal, StyleTech can use any of the following services that are provided within Microsoft Azure:

  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD):
    StyleTech use Azure AD to provide authorisation and security services to bespoke cloud software applications (StyleTech also use OAuth providers to provide security services).
  • SQL Azure:
    The SQL Azure provides a cloud based relational database (part of the Microsoft SQL Server family). Most of the server based SQL Server features are available within SQL Azure, but to keep costs down, StyleTech will use the Azure DocumentDB data store whenever possible.
  • Azure DocumentDB:
    The Azure DocumentDB is a key-value data store that provides a significant cost saving over SQL Azure. If the data schema allows, StyleTech will use the DocumentDB data store whenever possible.
  • Azure Microservices:
    StyleTech build modern cloud based applications which fully utilise Microservices. Microservices allows controlled resource scaling which reduces computing cost even further. Microservices focus the bespoke development into smaller services rather than traditional UI, business logic and database layers.
  • Azure WebApps:
    StyleTech use Azure WebApps to host the bespoke cloud software applications and use WebJobs to control related background services.
  • Azure Search:
    StyleTech use Azure Search to provide enhanced search capabilities within bespoke software applications. Azure Search provides a great user experience when searching for information within our bespoke software applications (including pluralisation, fuzzy logic and multilingual support).
  • Azure Logic Apps:
    StyleTech use Azure Logic Apps to trigger processes such as third party integrations or the sending of SMS or email messages.
  • Azure Functions:
    StyleTech use Azure Functions to provide a server-less event based model (if better suited than using a full WebApp).
  • Azure Mobile App Service:
    An Azure Mobile App Service allows two-way data synchronisation between a central data store and each mobile device. This allows a bespoke mobile application to operate offline and online with automatic data synchronisation. An Azure Mobile App Service also allows the mobile bespoke software application to support push notifications.
  • Azure Machine Learning:
    StyleTech have embraced Azure Machine Learning and are always looking for opportunities to use it to enhance our bespoke software applications' user experience.
  • Azure File Sync:
    The Azure File Sync is used to keep your on-premise files (on Window Servers) in sync with Azure storage. Using Azure storage means that the Azure backup and fast disaster recovery features can be utilised. Azure File Sync helps when migrating legacy software to Azure.

Microsoft Azure provides the following advantages for bespoke cloud software applications:

  • Scalability:
    Azure bespoke cloud software applications are great for businesses that are growing or have fluctuating demands. When demand increases you can scale up and when demand is low you can scale down.
  • No Capital expenditure:
    Azure bespoke cloud software applications do not require the initial high cost investment of hardware or the setup and management of that hardware. With Azure cloud based applications you pay via a subscription-based model for the computing time that you actually use.
  • Disaster recovery:
    Azure provides full disaster recovery, again without the initial high cost investment of hardware. This avoids the problem that you don’t know how good your disaster recovery is until it is needed.
  • Automatic software updates:
    Azure is responsible for updating the server software. This ensures all security patches are correctly applied.
  • Security:
    StyleTech and Azure take the security of data very seriously. Best practices are used to ensure your data remains safe and confidential at all times.
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