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At StyleTech we have been working with business software since 1999 and with our industry-leading expertise, we can help you and your software development team when needed.

Whether you are moving to a new software system, need bespoke developments or just everyday support, our highly skilled UK based developers will slot seamlessly into your development team, shortening timelines and bringing additional skillsets to your team.

Experienced multi-skilled developers

Experienced Multi-Skilled Developers

We have extensive experience creating dynamic and innovative software solutions for a huge range of clients. We work hard to create software that runs at a high standard and works for you. Having completed many projects from small smart start-ups to large multinational companies across a broad range of industries including public, private sector and NHS, our developers and their experience will be a great asset to your team.

Specialised Knowledge

Specialised Knowledge

Enrich and enhance the skills within your development team. We hit the ground running, helping to get your project over the line and are not fazed by any sized project. We are experts in our field and can answer your questions and give advice on what we think will suit you best. Our programmers can program in both old and new programming languages. Take a look at some of the programming languages we work in.

Flexibility and Cost Savings

Flexibility And Cost Savings

With flexible time-scales, you can add additional developer resources to your team for the length of time that suits both your budget and project. We work with you to provide flexible resources to match the changing demand during your project lifecycle. By being able to choose the length of time you require additional resources you are able to fully control your budgetary requirements, whilst also maintain the high quality that you expect. Working with us allows you to bring in expertise as required, rather than an expensive full time resource.

Excellent addition to your team

Excellent Addition To Your Team

We are experienced at working on external projects and within your processes and timelines. Along with bringing all of our experience and specialised skills and knowledge, we seamlessly integrate with your internal technology team for the duration of your project. We get to know how you work and can provide advice and support where needed, from small add-ons to large-scale integrations to match your project needs. We are happy to help with one off projects or on an ongoing consultancy basis.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Adding additional development resources to your team ensures you will be able to get your project over the line quicky and efficiently to a successful deployment. You can benefit from and utilise all the combined knowledge and experience from both ours and your development teams, allowing you to find the best technical solution to complete your project and leverage all the competitive advantages it offers.

Complete your project on time

Complete Your Project On Time

The advantage of being able to add our additional developer resources quickly and seamlessly to your projects, with the numbers or skillsets required will allow you to complete your project on time and on budget. We have successfully completed over 1,000 projects and by utilising our flexible resources, we are able to bring our expertise to help you successfully deploy your project on time. We are able to provide cover for the developers during periods of annual leave to ensure that your project delivery does not get delayed.

You can rely on us

You Can Rely On Us

With StyleTech, you can count on our support and knowledge. Unlike consultants, who can leave a business and take your knowledge with them, everything we know stays with us. No matter what happens, our knowledge and skills are ready for when you need them. All our highly qualified and experienced developers are full time StyleTech employees and based in the UK.

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