Science Competitor Analysis

The Project Brief

Our client is a successful manufacturer of high-quality lab instrumentation and is best known for their pipettes. Operating for over 60 years, with laboratories worldwide, our client delivers high-quality, dependable solutions to researchers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Our client saw a potential avenue for growth in sales through extensive knowledge of products their competitors offered and the unique selling points of each. All this information would be difficult for an individual to memorise, so our client asked StyleTech to produce a database of all the information that could be accessed easily and quickly on employees’ devices.

Our Solution

StyleTech created an app that can be accessed on any device, detailing information on the market; competitors’ products, what makes them unique, and how they stand up against our clients own.

A small group of admins can easily manage the app through a website StyleTech developed alongside it, keeping all the information it holds secure. An internet connection is not needed to use the app, and because of the background data synchronisation, it gets updated automatically.

Information on the app can be changed by an admin which means that the catalogue always stays up-to-date. Specific products can be found quickly and easily with the search function, and alongside each product, the app contains in-depth information and a picture.

The Results

Sales representatives have all the information they need on their products and those of their competitors in their hand. They have counter-arguments for all their suppliers’ claims and can effortlessly find all the information they need with the easy-to-use search engine.

Despite loading in hundreds of products when being used, the app runs quickly and smoothly. In addition, tight in-app security means that the information can always be monitored and cannot leave the company.

Mobile App
Any device can be used to quickly search and display product picture and information.
Sales representatives have all the information they need about their products and competitors on hand.
Tight in-app security monitors all information and prevents it leaving the company.
Software Integration
The app is manged through a website developed by StyleTech.
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