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NHS - Quit Buddy

The City Health Care Partnership (CHCP) is responsible for providing NHS services throughout the North of England.


The NHS were looking to make it easier for people to access information, advice and support to stop smoking wherever they were throughout the day using their mobile phone. They came to StyleTech for the solution.

What We Delivered

StyleTech developed a bespoke SMS text message software system with web-based administration management called “Quit Buddy”. Bluetooth posters around the city allowed data to be exchanged over short distances. Anyone who passed the posters with Bluetooth on received a message about stopping smoking with the Quit Buddy scheme. People who sign up receive a daily text message offering support and guidance. The text messages contain information, tips and advice on how to deal with cravings, the benefits of stopping smoking and what to do if you need more help.

Using a unique integrated voucher code system, clients are able to access Nicotine Replacement Therapy at pharmacies without attending face-to-face appointments.

The Results

Quit Buddy utilised bespoke development technologies to reduce barriers and maximise reach by offering a service that suited the lifestyles of potential users. By offering a new and modern service, Quit Buddy was able to attract clients who would not typically engage with face-to-face interventions. The service has seen an increased engagement with hard to reach demographics with year-on-year increases in registrations and quits achieved.


Winning ‘Respiratory Team of the Year’ at the National General Practice Awards it was recognised that Quit Buddy can contribute significantly to people's respiratory health.


"The Quit Buddy scheme is a fantastic way of helping people quit smoking. People’s lives are incredibly busy and they don’t often have the time to come to regular stop smoking sessions, so this will allow them to access information and support through their mobile phone." - Head of Public Health Provider Services

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