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Bathroom manufacturer Ideal Standard International, has more than 9,500 staff across more than 20 countries and includes many famous operating brands such as Armitage Shanks in the UK.


Ideal Standard International approached StyleTech looking for a system to better manage and assess the performance and development of employees across the company. It was crucial that the system ensured an effective appraisal system, linked to appropriate career goals and challenges, with progress reviewed at regular intervals. The company already had an online system, but it offered no clear method of assessment or review for the Human Resources department with regard to quality of objectives and appraisals, and the consistent management of staff development. A system which gave detailed, updated analysis of performance targets, management, and achievements, was therefore a requirement.

What We Delivered

Establishing a ‘wish list’ for what the client wanted our software to deliver, StyleTech advised a complete move away from Ideal Standard’s previous system, building bespoke software which could be seamlessly used by all employees, each able to access their own profile on the new Portal. The system was designed to automatically update with any new data on staff appraisals and development plans, allowing individuals to access and update information on their own performance targets, before passing on for their manager’s approval. It also enabled department managers to have access to records for all members of their teams at all times, and importantly allowed HR managers to assess how effectively line managers were managing the development of their staff against specific targets. Importantly, the system would alert Human Resources to any staff appraisals due, completed, or not completed – ensuring no staff assessments would be missed, and the company had an up-to-date, overall view of staff development.

The Results

The new system has proved simple to use for employees at all levels at Ideal Standard International, from staff who register and upload their own profiles onto the system and agree objectives with managers, to Human Resources managers who now have an immediate oversight of staff development across all areas of the business. At the touch of a button, the Human Resources team can now check on, for example, all staff employed in the UK and immediately access data on how many staff have not had their performance plans agreed, how many are awaiting an appraisal or have one overdue, and how many have been completed and approved to a satisfactory standard. They can also check performance by managers, quickly identifying those ensuring staff appraisals are consistently carried out and assessed in their department, and those who have a high number outstanding. This software is ensuring staff targets are set and reviewed at appropriate times, and that all employees are given the support to further their careers.


"The new system developed for us by StyleTech has brought great added value to the business as it has really enabled our Human Resources department to play an active role in the development of employees across the business. Previously, we had a system which was fairly ineffective in terms of allowing HR managers to run reports and access data for all employees in their respective countries. We wanted a system which would include bespoke tools to give us a real insight into the development of staff across the business and enable us to access reports. StyleTech have delivered just that. You can easily access the information you want to analyse and get an instant picture of what is happening, and for a business of our size, that is a hugely beneficial and important tool." - Internal Communications Director for Europe, Ideal Standard International

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