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Scientific Laboratory Supplies Limited (SLS) are the largest independent supplier of laboratory equipment, consumables, chemicals and Life Science products in the UK.


SLS needed a tool which recorded and managed the company’s interaction with existing and potential customers in order to improve the business relationships and focus on customer service and retention.

What We Delivered

The Customer Relationship Management system (“Viewpoint”) enables SLS to document all interactions with their customers, providing an easily accessible relationship history and a consistent quality service level.

The solution we delivered, tracks and records each step in the customer order process. The customers will request a quote either by telephone or the website. The CRM will then notify the SLS team allowing them to generate a quote using live product information. The bespoke software records if the customer accepts or rejects each quote, along with feedback for each decision.

The Results

“Viewpoint” provides a range of benefits which enhance customer service levels. These include faster order processing, improved value promotions and detailed reporting accompanied by tools that deliver fast and efficient quotations.


Commenting on the introduction of Viewpoint, SLS said “The SLS customer experience has always been at the centre of our growth strategy. Viewpoint will place our service delivery teams in a better informed and more responsive position to deliver a service level which is industry leading.”


"Working with the StyleTech team has ensured an innovative approach throughout all stages of the development process. SLS are excited about the future prospects of working with the “Viewpoint” tool and developing it further in partnership with StyleTech."

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