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Council - Extend Internal IT Team

Our Client is a local authority in the Midlands who approached StyleTech for a solution to use our expertise to complement and enhance their internal IT department and overcome their resourcing constraints caused by the significant year on year budget cuts.

We are proud to be a development partner for NDL Software, and this along with our other skills enabled us to offer a flexible knowledgeable resource our client could call upon when required.


In the first instance, our client wanted to transfer information between the OPENHousing and Oneserve systems. They asked StyleTech to write the program using NDL to accomplish this.

What We Delivered

The solution extracted an XML file from the OneServe system on a daily basis, and imported the information into the OPENHousing system, checking that there is no duplication. A daily email via an SMTP server is sent to notify the local authority team of the status of each daily task including an error log.

Further developments which have been requested by our client include AchieveForms, AchieveForm integrations and Uniform integrations to be used in various circumstances such as the changing of circumstances, changes and refunds to Council Tax accounts, reporting vacation and occupation property status, reporting the death of a person, vehicle licensing and event days.

The Results

Our client has been able to use the StyleTech team's knowledge and experience to broaden the skill base available in the department.

StyleTech has been able to provide flexibility for the local authority not only to meet their requirements and deadlines for specific tasks but also by enabling our client to purchase development days in advance. These development days can be used to cover periods of annual leave and sickness in their own team, as and when needed.

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