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StyleTech Recognised as a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner

After a lot of hard work StyleTech Solutions are proud to be named Xamarin Premier Consulting Partners. Xamarin, the software development tool, is used by mobile developers all over the world to produce cross-platform native applications for Apple iOS and Android.

Relied on by companies across the world including Bosch, Siemens and Coca-Cola, Xamarin cuts development time by allowing developers to write the code for an app and create versions for iOS and Android. Using a shared codebase, apps can be written just once, instead of once per platform, removing duplication from the development process and resulting in quicker times to market. Despite the reduction in development time, apps are made with the same speed, functionality and native experience for each platform.

In securing the partnership, we have demonstrated our skills and expertise with Xamarin. Our bright team of Xamarin Certified Developers have a history of developing successful apps for our clients with Xamarin and are continually developing their skills and learning new technologies through Xamarin University. We also make use of Visual Studio App Center Test to automate testing for our apps to ensure they perform at their best across all devices. Working with Azure, the Microsoft cloud service, we integrate Xamarin apps with the cloud to ensure data remains secure and confidential at all times.

StyleTech has been working with Xamarin since 2013, along with Microsoft as a Microsoft Partner, and we are excited about the opportunities this will bring us. We are thrilled to continue our partnerships and create even more successful applications for our clients in the near future. 

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