Why your app should be available on more than just mobile

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Why your app should be available on more than just mobile

If your app is just on mobile, you could be missing a trick. In this multi-device world more and more companies are choosing to extend their apps to work for games consoles, TVs, and Kiosks, making it now more important than ever to consider expanding your range.

It may seem doubtful that apps for shopping, food, travel or social media can do well on TVs and games consoles but in reality, that isn’t true. Nowadays technology is driven by convenience and mobility, if you can order take away and call your mum without needing to pause your game, wouldn’t you? I know I would.

Unlikely companies such as Uber, Just Eat, and Drobox are all taking advantage of these additional platforms so they are available at any time, from anywhere their customers could possibly need them, and with success. You can order an Uber from desktop applications, food from your games console and book holidays from your TV. This level of availability seems ridiculous but having the option to access an app from anywhere is powerful.


Never underestimate the power of convenience, if your app makes your customers life easier, they will use it. You can’t know when a potential customer will be in need or want to look for your product or service, it could happen anytime day or night. By making your app available on any platform you are more visible to the consumer, and if they can order your product or service without even needing to reach over and get another device, they stand a higher chance of doing so.

These apps target their audience from where they spend the most time, if consumers need to stop what they are doing to order your product or service, it’s more likely they won’t. By being constantly available to your target market by PC, Mac, mobile, TV, tablet, Xbox and PlayStation if they are interested in what you have to sell, they are much more likely to buy.

Be where your customers want you

Marketing is all about positioning your product or service in front of a customer exactly when they need it, this is why the Domino’s app for Xbox has been such a success. Domino’s recognised that gamers are a large portion of their market so positioned themselves right where their audience loves to spend time.

It is well known that consumers are more likely to spend when they are relaxed and with 40% of all e-commerce purchases being impulse buys, it only makes sense to appear right when your customers want you most, from the comfort of their own home. Or better yet, be the thing they didn’t know they needed until they happened to see your app.

Keep your customers engaged

Nowadays with the huge range of devices there are so many ways to reach your audience. Throughout the day people switch from device to device depending on where they are and what they are doing, by making your app available on all platforms, you broaden you market considerably. This opens your app up to thousands more potential downloads, users, and possible customers.

By being available on a variety of platforms there are more opportunities for consumers to engage with your apps. If it is convenient they are more likely to use your app over competitor’s and each use is another opportunity for a customer to have a great experience with your company.

At StyleTech we have the skills and capabilities to create apps for any platform you need. We develop cutting-edge and robust apps that work great and look great. With us you can always keep your brand at the top of the consumers mind with a fantastic app for a PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet, TV and games console, so you are always the first, and most convenient choice for your customers.

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