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Build Faster and Better Apps with Azure

Apps are a huge part of our everyday lives: they can be used as tools, help us learn a new language, simply be used to play games and anything else we could possibly require or dream up. There is an app for everything! With the huge range of applications available and a massively competitive market, it is so important to release bug-free, robust and engaging apps straight away and ahead of competition.

Not only do apps need to be innovative and easy to use, with so many to choose from audiences create opinions quickly, and once their trust is lost it is almost impossible to gain it back. This is why it is so important that the apps we create work well from day one. Here at StyleTech we pride ourselves in making robust cutting-edge apps, even to tight deadlines and have found Azure to be an invaluable tool in the development process.

Azure, the cloud-based service from Microsoft, allows developers to build, deploy and manage applications all in one place. With a world-wide network to be tapped into, and tools and services to assist development, Azure promises to speed up the development time of applications and increase their reliability and functionality.

One benefit we have found from using Azure has been its integration with other Microsoft technologies we already rely on. As Azure seamlessly integrates with services such as SharePoint and Office 365, our processes are simplified. Having all we need in one place saves time and resources. We can create, test and manage our apps in Azure, saving us time to really focus on quality development. Moreover, Azure allows us to use technologies we already trust and are proficient in without needing to spend the time learning new languages.

Through the use of Azure, we are able to tap into their global network with data centres in 30 regions around the globe. As a result, we can reach users from anywhere in the world and gain valuable usage data at the same time. Azure provides us with the opportunity to gain huge amount of usage data that we can work through and use to our advantage. As it integrates with Excel, the data is clear and easy to understand.

With Microsoft’s commitment to the protection of data and round-the-clock tech support provided, Azure is a reliable option for our developers. Azure includes fail-safe options, stand-by models and rolling reboot capabilities so what we are working on is always protected. It is reassuring to know that there is always someone at the end of the phone if anything goes wrong and the health monitoring function makes it clear straight away if any issues arise.

Finally, the major benefit we have found from using Azure is the flexible expenditure. We are able to pay for exactly what we need to use as Azure scales to fit our business. We can spin resources up or down depending on what we need and Azure auto-scales to charge us for only what we use. We still control the maintenance of our apps while Azure allows us more time to focus on delivering quality bespoke applications for our customers instead of the infrastructure needed to achieve it.

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