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Bespoke Software Development - Xamarin

The StyleTech bespoke software development team have been developing with Xamarin since 2013. Xamarin allows C# developers to use Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio to create native Android, iOS and Windows apps by sharing code across these platforms.

The code sharing is accomplished by writing portable class libraries to handle non-user interface operations. Portable class libraries allow for around 60% of the application to be re-used across the different platforms (e.g. database, security, notifications etc.). Before Xamarin, a developer would have to re-write 100% of the application if that application needed to be cross-platform (e.g. the iOS version is a 100% rewrite of the Android version).

Xamarin are now addressing the remaining 40% of unique cross-platform development by introducing Xamarin Forms. Xamarin Forms allow the user-interface to be developed once and then re-used across the different platforms.

StyleTech have developed many mobile applications which include:

  • Offline data store
  • Offline data synchronisation
  • Data encryption
  • Map positioning
  • Push notifications
  • Signature capture
  • Geo-coordinate tracking
  • Customer service photograph evidence
  • Catalogue viewer
  • Product listings
  • Search
  • Alarm notifications
  • Badge notifications
  • Order entry
  • Photograph capture
  • Video capture
  • Email notification
  • SMS notification
  • Graph display
  • Best price calculations
  • Vibration notification
  • Printing
  • Twitter, FaceBook and Email Sharing
  • Screen orientation

StyleTech make it a key priority to ensure the bespoke software development team is kept up to date with all the Xamarin enhancements that each new release brings.

How we do it

we listen to your
business needs
we talk english,
no confusing jargon
we deliver
on-time, on-budget

in business for over 18 years

StyleTech has been delivering an award-winning service since 1999.

Yorkshire based team

We are based in Yorkshire and proud to complete all projects in-house (we never outsource).

Over 500 bespoke projects completed

We have obtained a vast range of industry and business knowledge within the team.

We talk English

We talk in your language, no technical jargon (unless you want it).

Award Winning Developments

Our Expertise...

Azure Services

  • web apps
  • web jobs
  • logic apps
  • machine learning
  • mobile services
  • search
  • queues
  • service bus
  • event streaming
  • blob storage
  • batch


  • agile / scrum
  • prince2
  • plan driven
  • test driven
  • prototype


  • windows
  • mac
  • linux


  • SystmOne
  • IPM
  • Lorenzo
  • RiO
  • MHCT
  • HoNOS
  • PbR


  • AchieveForms
  • OPENHousing
  • OneServe
  • Uniform
  • PowerSuite

Our News & Blog Posts

  • Thank you Xamarin and Microsoft for the invite, we are really excited about this opportunity
  • Congratulations to the StyleTech development team for gaining Telerik Kendo UI certification, very impressive!

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