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The StyleTech bespoke development team have been creating bespoke software systems using the classic Visual Basic since VB3 in 1995. Today, many applications that were written in classic VB still exist and operate. StyleTech can assist with the continued maintenance and development of these systems by supporting and developing bespoke software systems developed in VB3, VB4, VB5 and VB6 by:

  • Understanding the Visual Basic system codebase
  • Implementing any necessary bug fixes
  • Introducing modern security practices
  • Improving the responsiveness of the system
  • Upgrading the database engine
  • Implementing screen design improvements
  • Providing on-going system support
  • Providing on-going system development
  • Producing an implement a disaster / recovery plan

Classic Visual Basic is written to the COM based programming model before Microsoft moved to the .Net framework. The final release of Classic Visual Basic was in 1998 with the release of Visual Basic 6. The following list contains a range of bespoke software systems that StyleTech have developed using classic Visual Basic:

  • Production forecast generation
  • Manufacturing planning
  • Bill of material management
  • Room booking
  • Calendar appointments
  • Workflow management
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Document management
  • Stock control
  • Purchase order management
  • Sales order management
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Delivery analysis
  • Help desk management
  • Product specification control
  • Product image catalogue
  • Research and development management
  • Data transformation
  • Electronic data interchange
  • Contact management
  • Mailshot generation
  • Job planning system
  • Voucher generation
  • Fax integration

Visual Basic was a great language for quickly creating working prototypes and then building robust bespoke software systems. Visual Basic was one of the first Microsoft languages to introduce data binding, a concept that is still being used in today’s languages.

Most bespoke developers also got their first exposure to Object Oriented development when Visual Basic introduced several Object Oriented concepts in later versions.

Due to the continued volume and popularity of bespoke Visual Basic applications, Microsoft is extending the support of Visual Basic to the new generation of operating systems.

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