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Bespoke Software Development - SQLite

StyleTech have used the SQLite embedded database engine for a range of cross platform mobile and desktop bespoke software applications.

The SQLite embedded database engine can be used on bespoke Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone and iPad devices. SQLite can be implemented in both native and hybrid mobile software development languages. StyleTech use SQLite on these mobile platforms to securely store data and provide offline data synchronisation to the cloud or a central web server.

StyleTech have also used SQLite for bespoke desktop applications as it provides a simple database implementation that is supported on a wide range of desktop operating systems (when compared to other embedded database engines such as "localdb", the Microsoft SQL Server Local Database Embedded Runtime).

A SQLite database provides a powerful embedded SQL database engine implementation within bespoke software applications. The SQLite database engine does not have a separate server process. SQLite reads and writes data directly to standard operating system file. A SQLite database with multiple tables, indexes, triggers and views is all contained within the standard operating system file.

Even though SQLite operates in the client process, SQLite includes all of the main capabilities that a bespoke software application requires from a SQL database engine.

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