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Bespoke Software Development - NoSQL

Sometimes a traditional relational database is not the best fit for a problem. An alternative to the traditional relational database data store is the range of NoSQL database technologies (NoSQL is a generic term for "not only SQL").

NoSQL database technologies can provide better scalability, availability and performance for a bespoke software application. Microsoft Windows Azure uses NoSQL technologies (Azure Table Storage) as an alternative to Azure SQL Server.

StyleTech have embraced the following NoSQL database technologies for bespoke software applications:

Key/value store

A key/value store is a basic implementation of a NoSQL database as it implements a simple model of saving and retrieving data.

Document database

A document database is a collection of named fields (not to be confused with documents created by Microsoft Word etc.). They differ from relational databases as a document database does not have a schema.

Column-family database

A column-family database allows the storage of columns in a similar way to a relational database. They are designed to store millions or billions of rows and they provide very fast data retrieval when compared to a relational database.

Graph database

The main aim of a graph database is to perform queries on the relationships between the data. Graph databases operate as a connected network of nodes. Each node contains information on an item and each connection specifies a relationship between those items. StyleTech are partners with Neo4j, the world’s leading Graph Database provider.

Polyglot solution

Unlike the usual one solution approach of a relationship database, StyleTech can use different NoSQL database implementations within the solution to create a Polyglot solution (e.g. a relational database alongside a graph database alongside a Key/value database).

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