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The .Net Core is a cross-platform, free and open-source managed software framework that is based on the Microsoft .Net Framework. The .Net Core Framework operates on Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems.

The .Net Core Framework shares a subset of the full .Net Framework APIs, but it also has its own APIs that are not part of the full .Net Framework. The .Net Core does not support Windows Form or WPF applications, but it does support the following cross-platform application types:

  • ASP.Net Core web applications
  • Command-line applications
  • Libraries
  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications

StyleTech have been using the beta versions of .Net Core and now fully support the bespoke development of .Net Core applications since June 2016, when .Net Core 1.0 was released.

An ASP.Net Core application can comprise of the following components:

  • Entity Framework Core
  • Identity Core
  • MVC Core
  • Razor Core

An ASP.Net Core application has the following features:

  • The compilation is continuous, so there is no need to invoke the compilation command
  • Frameworks can be distributed as NuGet packages
  • The runtime is optimised for cloud computing
  • OWIN is supported
  • Web UI and API are unified
  • The environment is cloud ready
  • The HTTP request pipeline is light weight and modular
  • ASP.Net Core has been open sourced

Along with .Net Core Microsoft has also released .Net Standard. The .Net Standard is a standard that describes the core interfaces that every .Net platform should implement. The .Net Standard allows class libraries to run on the .Net Core, Xamarin, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Windows Phone and Mono platforms. Each platform can implement additional features along with the .Net Standard.

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