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Bespoke Software Development - ASP.Net Web Forms

StyleTech have been using ASP.Net Web Forms for bespoke web-based application developments since its introduction with the .Net Framework version 1.0 in 2002. ASP.Net is a very popular language for developing bespoke dynamic websites, applications and web services.

StyleTech make it a key priority to ensure the bespoke software development team is kept up to date with all the ASP.Net Web Forms language enhancements that each new release brings. StyleTech develop bespoke web-based applications in ASP.Net Web Forms and also ASP.Net MVC.

StyleTech use all of the team’s bespoke development knowledge to ensure the web applications that StyleTech develop are safeguarded from potential exploitation by a hacker (e.g. injection attacks and cross site scripting attacks).

The following list contains a range of bespoke web-based applications that StyleTech have developed:

  • Data analysis algorithms
  • Promotion code / voucher systems
  • Manufacturing planning systems
  • Manufacturing production recording systems
  • Image manipulations systems
  • Document management systems
  • E-commerce systems
  • Content management systems
  • Dashboard systems
  • Reporting systems
  • Contact management systems
  • Calendar systems
  • Room booking systems
  • Job planning systems
  • Extranet systems
  • Intranet systems
  • Health improvement systems
  • Mental health systems
  • Questionnaire systems
  • Electronic data interchange systems
  • Stock control systems
  • Order entry systems
  • Purchasing systems
  • Text messaging systems
  • Patient administration systems
  • Patient observation systems
  • Patient transition systems
  • NHS caseload measurement systems
  • NHS pharmacy integration systems
  • Directory systems
  • Costing control systems
  • Marketing systems
  • Retail sales analysis systems
  • Map systems
  • Data security systems
  • Route planning systems
  • Mobile based systems
  • Forensic management systems
  • Office integration systems
  • Video distribution systems
  • Discussion forum systems
  • Instant messaging systems
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